BSA Informants: Disgruntled Employees

How to Protect Your Company Against Copyright Infringement Claims by Disgruntled Employees Seeking a Reward In an effort to enforce the copyrights of its members, Business|The Software Alliance (“BSA”) offers the potential for monetary rewards to any informant that shares information related to software copyright infringement against a company.  Many of our clients are facing…


Litigation Risks of Ignoring Software Audits

Software audits are a means for software publishers to enforce and regulate use of their copyrighted software, and publishers regularly outsource enforcement of their copyrights to law firms or entities such as the BSA| The Software Alliance (“BSA”) or Software & Information Industry Association (“SIIA”). The BSA and SIIA often send a letter to targets…


Software Audits: The Importance of Timely Completion of Post-Settlement Obligations

Software audits initiated by software publishers or representative entities, such as the Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) and Software & Information Industry Association (“SIIA”), are often resolved by an out-of-court settlement. The carefully crafted settlement agreements release an audited company from liability, contingent on the following obligations: 1) The accuracy of the submitted audit results, 2) Payment of…


Top Tips for Post-Audit Software Remediation

Responding to a software audit can be an arduous, expensive, and time-consuming process for a company. The remediation process to close compliance gaps may vary slightly depending on whether the audit is initiated the software publisher itself or outsourced to an agency such as BSA| The Software Alliance (“BSA”) or the Software & Industry Information…


Software Audits: Securing a Release of Liability with Settlement

Software auditing entities, such as the Business Software Alliance and Software & Information Industry Association, typically set forth a complex set of requirements for software audits that can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. Many businesses faced with software audits are eager to resolve these matters, and choose to pay to settle out of court. Often…


Key Provisions in Software Settlement Agreements

The end of the year is a busy time for software publishers and entities like the BSA | The Software Alliance (“BSA”) and the Software & Industry Information Association (“SIIA”) to resolve an audit target’s copyright infringement dispute by entering into settlement agreements. While it may be advantageous for a company to reach a quick…