Key Components of Software Audit Response Policies

Software audits are significant legal and financial risks for all companies. With more and more software publishers utilizing intrusive audits and other information-gathering exercises as the basis for licensing transactions and – more troublingly – as sources of revenue through compliance-enforcement actions, more of our clients are implementing detailed policies to define whether and how…


SAP Introduces New Pricing Model for Indirect Access

In response to continued customer concerns about how to license for access to SAP products by third parties or by processes, SAP announced that it was offering a new pricing model based on indirect access.  Customers using SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP ERP solutions should carefully evaluate the new license model offered by…


Fundamentals of Software Audit Data Collection – Virtualization Inventory

In order to effectively manage their software usage and to mitigate compliance exposure, companies need to know how to gather and analyze information regarding their product usage. While some software products may have unique data-collection requirements that ordinarily would not be applicable for other products, usage levels for many products can be measured using a…